Before & After – Kibosh! Foot Lotion - Nature Yards

Before & After – Kibosh! Foot Lotion

Nature Yards’ Kibosh! Foot Lotion is a unique product used to treat tinea pedis (Athlete’s foot; foot fungus) unlike anything else on the market.

It is not a medicine, but rather utilizes an entirely different approach. Instead of attacking fungus, Kibosh! Foot Lotion causes the feet to gradually shed their outer layer of dead skin cells, which will peel off naturally during the week or two following use. These dead skin cells are what foot fungus feeds on, and their removal starves the fungus or Athlete’s foot of its primary source of sustenance. The result is the elimination of the Athlete’s foot or related foot fungus (tinea pedis) after one use.

The advantages of this approach are manifold, including the fact that Nature Yards’ Kibosh! is not a systemic treatment being processed by the body’s internal organs, nor is it a drug or a steroid. The result is a more gentle and natural approach that yields outcomes like those seen below.

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