A Brief Conversation with Mr. Ben Berger, Director of S. Clinic and Mycological Laboratory Ltd. – 

The Gardener: “Hi Ben, we’ve had users asking very general questions about athlete’s foot and other foot fungus problems. Can you tell us a little bit in general about foot fungus (tinea pedis) and what causes it?”

Mr. Berger: “Sure, well there are two major elements that contribute to tinea pedis, commonly known as athlete’s foot, as well as to other fungal skin disorders of the feet:

1) A genetic predisposition. When a person has a genetic predisposition they typically will suffer from the malady it will recur repeatedly throughout their life in over 75% of cases.
2) Environment. Places like showers, beaches, health clubs and spas etc are breeding grounds for the elements that cause tinea pedis and extensive exposure to these environments often leads to the development of foot fungus.”

The Gardener: “Thanks, that’s very helpful. Another questions we commonly get is: ‘Why do we say using Nature Yards’ Kibosh! product is a one-step process when the clinical study on Kibosh! cites a two-step process?’”

Mr. Berger: “Sure, that’s a very sensible question. In the clinical study the first step was the treatment stage, where the goal was to eliminate the disease by removing the dead cells in the affected area, which in turn starves the fungus. The second stage was designed to be a preventive stage that could include a variety of anti-fungal products such as Lamisil etc.

This second step, which is mentioned in the study, was intended to be a second product, a cream. Early on during the course of the study it became clear that the study participants consistently failed to comply with the instructions for the application of the cream. The moment that we saw that people were not actually using the cream in practice, and that our results were nonetheless highly successful we suspended use of the cream entirely for the remainder of the study and ultimately found that the results were excellent despite the elimination of the second step, which turned out to be superfluous.

The Gardener: Thanks for this quick conversation and for the insight. I’m sure it will be greatly appreciated by people who may be considering using Kibosh! as well as by anyone dealing with any kind of foot fungus or athlete’s foot.

Mr. Berger: My pleasure.

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