Professor Avner Shemer is a senior dermatologist in the Dermatology Department at the Sheba Tel HaShomer Medical Center. Dr. Shemer is the mastermind behind our revolutionary foot care product, stating, “I developed Kibosh! Foot Lotion based on my 25 years of experience in the fields of dermatology and mycology. There is no better over-the-counter product to treat or prevent athlete’s foot, tinea pedis and foot fungus.”

Dr. Shemer received professional specialization in the field of mycology (the field that deals with fungal diseases of the skin) at Guy’s Hospital in London. Prof. Shemer serves as a clinical professor of Dermatology at the University of Tel Aviv, and likewise founded and established the department of Dermato-Mycology in Israel.

Prof. Avner Shemer is the Chairman of the Department of Dermato-Mycology and Nail Disorders in Israel.

Dr. Avner Shemer was recently selected to serve as a member of the Board on the CND – Council for Nail Disorders.

In 2017, while serving as Chairman of the Department of Dermo-Mycology, Forbe’s magazine listed Sheba Medical Center as the leader of best doctors in Israel.