Nature Yards is pleased to announce that our Kibosh! Foot Lotion is now available for purchase on Amazon. Kibosh! Foot Lotion is an at-home beauty foot peel that leaves your feet soft and supple and also gets rid of Athlete’s Foot. Now you have the convenience of purchasing Kibosh while doing your other shopping on Amazon. You can take care of your rough, dry feet while getting batteries for toys or shopping for a new blender.

Kibosh! Foot Lotion works quickly and efficiently. With a one-time application you can get rid of very dry feet and Athlete’s Foot at the same time! Renew, rejuvenate and restore your feet to their youthful suppleness and softness with Kibosh!

Kibosh is an at-home beauty foot peel that has an 85% cure rate of Athlete’s Foot.

We recommend the 400ml Kibosh! Foot Lotion for most consumers. Please use the 400ml Kibosh! Foot Lotion for average size feet (US Women’s shoe size 9.5, US Men’s shoe size 8 and up). For feet size US Women’s 9.0, US Men’s Size 7.5 or smaller, please use the 250ml size Kibosh! Foot Lotion.

About Nature Yards and Aravah, LLC: Nature Yards is a USA based company specializing in leveraging the genius of nature and the insights provided by science to create innovative skin care solutions. In so doing we endeavor to make our products as natural as possible while exploring new approaches that enable us to create more effective skin care solutions.  In many cases, nature has already done most of the work for us and we are simply finding the best ways to make these gifts of nature available to consumers.  Nature Yards is owned and operated by Aravah, LLC.

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