Many people who hear about camel milk immediately say, “Sure, that sounds like a nice trendy gimmick, but why is camel milk preferable to any other kind of milk for making skin care products?”

As most of us know, dairy products of most varieties are pasteurized before they can be used in consumer products. This is done to kill the harmful bacteria that these products can harbor, but the downside of the pasteurization process is that it also kills off the good bacteria that these products contain. This is the case for cow or buffalo milk for example.

This is where camel milk proves unique. When camel milk is heated to a high temperature during the pasteurization process the harmful bacteria are eliminated but many of the beneficial bacteria survive.* Camel milk is the only mammalian milk with this unique quality! This is one of the factors that make our Psoryan Intensive Calming Moisturizer naturally antimicrobial, enabling it to provide soothing relief to people with skin problems like eczema and psoriasis.

– The Gardener


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