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At Nature Yards we focus on bringing you products that are as natural, safe and effective as possible. Scientific research is the key to accomplishing this.

Nature Yards’ unique, innovative products are the fruit of our relationship with S.B. Clinic and Mycological Laboratory which specializes in conducting revolutionary research in the fields of dermatology and mycology. Through extensive research we continue refining our products while gaining insights into new avenues for future innovation in the field skin care.

Our current area of focus is in the utilization of camel milk to help sufferers of a variety of skin maladies such as eczema, psoriasis, and a variety of related skin problems.  There are many more topical applications for camel milk and a variety of new products are in various stages of development. We will be updating our before and after pages as our research continues, particularly with new products.

While camel milk has been used for thousands of years as a palliative for a host of skin problems such as eczema, psoriasis, and dry skin, scientific research into applications for camel milk in general, and into uses for camel milk in particular, is a relatively new field with only a few decades of research under its belt. Despite this, a number of important studies into the use of Camel Milk in skincare products such as Nature Yards’ Psoryan Intensive Calming Moisturizer for problematic skin have granted us important insights.

Similarly, clinical studies into other types of original products, for example our Kibosh! Foot Lotion for sufferers of tinea pedis (foot fungus; Athlete’s foot), have been conducted with superb results. Our innovative products incorporating these research insights have been endorsed by a host of experts from the field of dermatology and related fields.

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