What makes camel milk so special? As we now know, camel milk has characteristics that are utterly unlike those of all other mammals including natural antibiotic and antibacterial features that make it truly unique. But how did camel milk become so amazing?

The Miracle of Harsh Climates

Animals that live in the world’s harshest climates like rainforests and deserts have proven to be an incredible resource for scientists. The same evolutionary features that enable plants and animals to survive under extreme conditions tend to grant us unique opportunities to develop a wide range of treatments for various conditions. According to Medical Daily, “From using scorpion, bee, and snake venom for cancer treatments to employing venom immunotherapy to treat insect sting allergies, researchers have investigated the therapeutic effects of a wide variety of animal and insect poisons. And it turns out that when used the right way, the poisons that would typically kill us can actually save our lives, too.”

Consider the example of snake venom. The hemotoxins it possesses have been re-engineered to treat heart attack, stroke, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Scorpion venom has likewise been used to develop painkillers as well as to bind to and identify cancer cells, thereby helping surgeons during operations.

“According to a 2012 study out of the University of Buffalo, a particular protein found in spider venom could work as a treatment for muscular dystrophy — an umbrella term for a number of diseases that cause loss of muscle mass and eventual inability to walk, move, or swallow. The study found that the protein helped stop muscle cells from deteriorating, and though it wasn’t a cure, it assisted in slowing down the progression of the disease.”*

So what do all of these radical examples have to do with camel milk? Camel milk is a much more innocuous yet similarly powerful example of this same phenomenon. In the harsh desert where water is the rarest of commodities and the environment is brutal, camel milk evolved over thousands of years to be resistant to these difficult conditions and to provide the baby camels it nourished with every advantage possible to resist the ravages of the heat and the virulent diseases that are common in that climate. This evolutionary process is what made camel milk so unique and makes it possible for us to now benefit from nature’s benevolence!

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