Andrea Fabry, is an author for It Takes Time blog, for Natural Living, One Step at a Time.  She stated in an article “Starve the Fungus!” that “It makes perfect sense that people with fungal infections begin to regain their health when they begin taking away the fungus’ food supply.”

Our dermatologists agree! The basis of our Kibosh! Foot Lotion for Athlete’s Foot is the same. The product does not kill the fungus itself, but instead of attacking fungus, Kibosh! Foot Lotion causes the feet to gradually shed their outer layer of dead skin cells, which will peel off naturally during the week or two following use. These dead skin cells are what foot fungus feeds on, and their removal starves the fungus or Athlete’s foot of its primary source of sustenance. The result is the elimination of the Athlete’s foot or related foot fungus (tinea pedis) after one use.

Other foot lotions only relieve the symptoms of Athlete’s Foot, but Kibosh! Foot Lotion gets rid of the problem without constant reapplication and treatment. After soaking your feet just one time in Kibosh! Foot Lotion expect to see some peeling of the dead skin layers from the areas of the feet soaked in the foot lotion during the weeks following its application. This is a sign that the product is working, thus getting rid of the food source of the fungus that causes Athlete’s Foot.

Check out some of these Before & After photos of our client’s who have used Kibosh!



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