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Why Nature Yards?

Nature Yards uses the latest research in order to bring our customers the highest quality skin care products available. Combining the best insights of science and the healing gifts of nature we have developed products to not only address irritable, problematic and chronic skin conditions, but also to rejuvenate and refresh skin, restoring its youthful softness and feel. Our products range from moisturizers that nourish and replenish healthy skin to specially tailored moisturizers and lotions that can help eczema, psoriasis and Athlete’s Foot sufferers.

We also are proud that many of our products contain camel milk. Camel milk is an ancient ingredient in skin care products dating back far beyond Cleopatra, who was famed for regularly bathing in camel milk and honey. We are leaders in the growing trend of using this proven natural ingredient to enhance the moisture and suppleness of our customers’ skin. Now Nature Yards is making camel milk products available in the USA as well. In addition to camel milk our products contain many important nutrients such as Vitamin C, Potassium, Iron and Magnesium to name a few.

Our skin care line has been developed by Mr. Ben Berger and Prof. Dr. Avner Shemer. Mr. Berger has more than ten years of experience working with camel milk and skin care products. He was foundational in prompting the Israeli government to develop appropriate regulations for the use of camel milk in cosmetic products. Prof. Dr. Avner Shemer is a world-renown Doctor of Mycology and Professor at the University Hospital at Tel HaShomer in Israel with a long record of published research.

Mr. Berger and Dr. Shemer have collaborated on several projects via S.B. Clinic in Netanya which features a state-of-the-art mycological laboratory. They have worked together to develop Nature Yards’ products in order to bring our customers skin care solutions rooted in the genius of nature and scientifically proven effective.

Their work fuels ours, because at Nature Yards we are dedicated to bringing you innovative new products that have this dynamic mission in mind.

At Nature Yards, Nature + Science + Love = Healthy Skin

Nature Yards is owned and operated by Aravah, LLC.